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Idols go country

Singing country didn’t seem like it would be all that difficult for these American Idol hopefuls to pull off.

But when it’s strictly a Dolly Parton themed show, things start to get a little tricky. Especially for those who aren’t familiar with her songs.

With a little practice and a bit of confidence any one of these competitors can nail their performance the way David Cook did last night with Little Sparrow.

Cook keeps viewers on their toes, not knowing what to expect each week. He challenges himself by changing songs that aren’t rock tunes to suit his singing style — and so far he’s been pulling it off every time.

Travelling Through was a good song choice for Jason Castro and let him demonstrate what he can do with his voice. He doesn’t have much range, but he has a nice tone and something quite unique about him.

A beautiful voice like that of Carly Smithson is a rare talent to come across these days. Here You Come Again was amazingly sung with just the right amount of emotion and power. Smithson has come a long way from her earlier auditions — she’s evolving into a true pro.

David Archuleta had trouble with his song choice last week, but made up for it last night with a strong performance of Smoky Mountain Memories. He hit this one right out of the park.

When it comes right down to it, having a good voice just isn’t enough when you’re singing a song as big and popular as I Will Always Love You.

Syesha Mercado has a phenomenal voice, though judge Simon Cowell said the second part of the song didn’t do her justice. I disagree. She was spot on all the way through, especially at the end.

It’s nice to finally see Michael Johns get his act together. This Australian singer has the look, the personality and the voice to make it to the finals. He just has to keep upping the ante. For the second straight week he put on star performances and his take on It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right was breathtaking.

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