Idris Elba on his nerd credentials

Between last year’s “The Losers,” this year’s “Thor” and next year’s “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” British actor Idris Elba seems to have a thing for comic book adaptations. But there’s still one superhero that’s eluded him: Avengers member Luke Cage. Not that he’s complaining, mind you. Between the two Emmy nominations, Ridley Scott’s upcoming “Alien” prequel, “Prometheus” and Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” which starts shooting in October, the former “Wire” star has plenty to keep him busy. Metro caught up with Elba in the middle of the Comic-Con madness for a status update.

What are you most excited to see or do while at Comic-Con?

Dude, I don’t get to do anything. I do like seeing the audience react to what we’ve got to show them for “Ghost Rider,” because I just saw it and it’s phenomenal.

You’ve been doing very well with comic book movies lately.

Well, two films, two characters, really. And “The Losers” as well, yeah. I thought that film was good. It had a lot of opportunity to be better — not better but more well received. It didn’t quite do it, but I liked the film. I thought it was well directed. Sylvain White did that, and he’s great.

Speaking of comic book characters, you’ve mentioned wanting to play Luke Cage in a film.

I’d like having a shot at that. But listen, we need to know there’s an appetite for that. I need the audiences that like Luke Cage to come up and say they want to see a Luke Cage film with me in it. I’m part of the Marvel family, and I think now they might be aware that there’s this little appetite to do it, but at the same time, you know, I’m also part of the Thor story, so we’ll see.

What can you tell us about “Prometheus”?

I have to say, man, it’s an enormous film — enormously rich in its depth, its complexity. The filmmaking is second to none. It’s none other than the great Ridley Scott, and there are some really good actors in it. I can say this, you know: The wait for Ridley to return to a film like that is definitely going to be rewarded with something exciting, definitely.

You’ve had a few roles now for which people recognize you. What comes up the most?

“The Wire,” mainly. It was sort of my first American calling card. But now “Luther” is starting to rise, and then Heimdall [in “Thor”], believe it or not. A lot of people are actually like that. It’s a tiny part in that film — huge film, tiny part, but it definitely has landed or resonated with some people.

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