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If the Crown Vic is enough for cops, it’s enough for you

Commonly recognized for its popularity as a taxi cab or police cruiser, the Ford Crown Victoria has now bowed out of the Canadian civilian market to focus on the fleet sales largely responsible for keeping it alive in recent years.

Many companies and organizations chose the Crown Vic as their fleet model of choice thanks to its size, low maintenance requirements and cheap running costs. As a financial decision when running a fleet of vehicles, the Crown Victoria just made plain sense. It’s one of the reasons why it’s attractive to budget-minded families, too.

The gist? Crown Victoria is cheap, reliable, has plenty of room, a giant trunk and plenty of available features and options. Some models are even available in a six-passenger configuration thanks to a front bench seat. To some families, it’s even a worthy alternative to a minivan.

All Crown Victoria models were V8-powered, rear-drive sedans with automatic transmissions. The machine’s 4.6-litre heart generated between 190 and 230 horsepower, depending on the year and model in question.

In addition to the inherent classiness of this handsome sedan, shoppers in the used market can find a Crown Victoria with air conditioning, cruise, power accessories, leather seating, a trip computer, CD-changer, a moonroof and more.

Several visual and mechanical updates were added throughout the model’s life, though the underlying platform remained largely the same.

What Owners Like
Most last-generation Crown Vic owners say they loved the balance of comfort and handling, and a nice blend of performance and fuel economy. Cargo space, ride quality, interior space, seats and noise levels were highly rated, too. Cheap repairs and parts round out the package.

What Owners Hate
Non-illuminated cruise control buttons and limited at-hand storage were common complaints. Due to the Crown Vic’s size, it wasn’t easy for some drivers to park, either.

Common Issues:
Note that a ticking sound from the engine could be caused by a bad exhaust manifold gasket and/or stud. Some models were known for a coolant leak from the intake manifold, but a Ford mechanic should be able to quickly diagnose and address this problem. Other than a few other accessory belt-related issues, the Crown Victoria’s powertrain largely seems a solid and proven performer.

The Crown Victoria has a history of use in police pursuit, performing “PIT” manoeuvres, hopping curbs and running hard for endless hours. Ultimately, a properly-maintained model should prove tough, dependable and largely trouble-free for owners.

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