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If you don’t vote, don’t complain

Months of campaigning, debating, door-knocking and handing out flyers have all come down to this day.

Yesterday — the final homestretch before today’s municipal election — candidates showed no signs of slowing down.

While mayoral incumbent Larry O’Brien spent the morning at an event honouring Senator Lebreton and the Best of Nepean at the Nepean Museum — and the afternoon campaigning at Place D’Orleans — candidate Clive Doucet made appearances at the Bruce Pit dog park and a bike parade in west Ottawa before canvassing on bike in Kanata.

Jim Watson spoke to voters in Chinatown and the Lansdowne Farmers’ Market before hosting a volunteer barbecue at his campaign headquarters.

Candidates said yesterday that they were feeling good.

“I had a great final day of campaigning, covering the east and west ends of the city,” said O’Brien.

“I hope that each and every resident who hasn’t yet voted casts their ballot for mayor and councillor tomorrow, and look forward to the results.”

“I think we can hold our heads high that we have run a classy, well-thought-out, positive campaign for the future of our great city,” said Watson.

The top polled mayoral candidates will all be holding post-election parties.

O’Brien will be holding his party at Broadway Bar and Grill at 1896 Prince of Wales Dr., while Watson celebrates at the Ukrainian Banquet Hall on Byron Avenue.

Doucet’s celebration is held at his campaign headquarters on Wellington Street.

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