If you thought last week was delicious, wait until you see Starbucks Happy Hour today - Metro US

If you thought last week was delicious, wait until you see Starbucks Happy Hour today

starbucks happy hour today june 21
Photos: Courtesy of Starbucks

We hope you took advantage of the delicious drink discount last week through the Starbucks Happy Hour promotion because very little makes your afternoon a little sweeter like a Frappuccino for cheap. But the coffee giant is trying to outdo themselves, we think because Starbucks Happy Hour today might just be sweeter than last week’s.

Let’s just say that Starbucks was clearly thinking about the season, and the scorching weather, when they decided what drink discount they were going to offer this week. Friendly reminder that anyone can take advantage of the Starbucks Happy Hour discounts, but you do need to get the code to save some cash — and there are two easy ways to do that.

Before you check out the delicious details about Starbucks Happy Hour today (and calls your friends to meet you later), make sure you read our guide to the Starbucks Happy Hour promotions and get yourself signed up. No matter which option you chose, you’re only minutes away from getting in on the savings.

Ready for Starbucks Happy Hour today?

Since it is summer solstice, and the first official day of summer, stay cool with the Starbucks Happy Hour today: Frappuccinos for 50% off. Yep, the bean behemoth is repeating last week’s deal since it was so sweet. You can score a Frappuccino for half price starting at 3pm this afternoon until their doors close in the evening.

starbucks happy hour today caramel frapp

There are just a couple points before you cash in. No, the code won’t be recognized before 3pm, but that just makes your mid-afternoon break a little better. You’ll also need to order a grande or larger in order to enjoy the discount, but we doubt we’ll have to twist your arm on that one. And, again, make sure you’re signed up for the promotion before your barista rings you up. Just tell them you want to use your Starbucks Happy Hour discount code and soon you’ll be welcoming summer and sipping your cares away.


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