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IFF Boston: Miranda July looks into ‘The Future’

For Miranda July, being an artist of many media has its advantages. When a short story she was writing didn’t work out, she turned it into a live performance piece. The next logical step was to take her tale of a couple adopting a sick cat from stage to screen.

“I began to realize this would be more interesting in a less avantgarde, more mainstream context,” says the director and actress of “The Future,” which will screen on Saturday at the Independent Film Festival.

July says her projects don’t usually jump around from medium to medium though. And she says she even surprised herself by making this film, her second. “I have the same feeling now as I did last time, which was that I really want to do all the things I haven’t gotten to do in a little while — write fiction and perform and make art. I do want to make a third movie — and I know well now what that does to your life, that now is the time to get in those other [media]. It’ll be a while. Every five years is a quick pace for me.”

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