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Igali busy helping Nigeria

It’s been a busy week for Olympic gold-medal-winning wrestler Daniel Igali.

The Nigerian-born Surrey resident was home for one day on his way to Ontario from Africa — long enough to announce a fun run he’s hosting to raise money for a school he built in his home village.

Igali is being hono-ured in Toronto tomorrow with the Future Aces Foundation’s national courage award, in large part because of the work he’s doing in his native country.

In 2006 he built the Maureen Matheny Academy, and the five-kilometre fun run — being held in Surrey’s Bear Creek Park on Oct. 17 — is meant to raise funds and awareness about his school.

“It’s to let people know what I’m doing in Africa, issues relating to education and my foundation, and to get people out of their houses and involved in fitness,” Igali said.

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