Ignatieff lends some star power to McNeil in Dartmouth - Metro US

Ignatieff lends some star power to McNeil in Dartmouth

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff joined Stephen McNeil at a rally in Dartmouth Sunday to help bolster the provincial party’s chances of forming the next Nova Scotia government.

“We’re all together,” Ignatieff told a group of supporters. “There is one party . . . when federal and provincial (parties) are together . . . nobody can stop us.”

“Nova Scotians are looking to our party for leadership,” McNeil said at the Dartmouth Sportsplex, the same place he launched his leadership campaign. “We can no longer continue to divide ourselves or we will remain the worst performing economy in our country.”

Ignatieff and McNeil both criticized the federal and provincial governments for dividing Nova Scotia and Canada.

“I wasn’t looking to be the premier of Halifax (or) of Cape Breton,” McNeil said. “I was looking to be the premier of Nova Scotia.”

Nearly 300 supporters swayed signs and chanted during the rally.

Ignatieff spoke about the television ads put out by the federal Conservative party, which portray him as “just visiting” Canada.

“Stephen Harper doesn’t get to decide who’s a good citizen and who isn’t,” he said, referring to other Canadian citizens living out of the country. “Are they less Canadian? I don’t think so.”

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