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Ignatieff takes aim at Tories in Edmonton

The Michael Ignatieff whirlwind blew through town yesterday, but the Liberal leader didn’t mince words during a brief interaction with local media.

After speaking to faith groups at the Robertson-Wesley United Church downtown, Ignatieff commented on Canada’s role at this week’s environmental summit in Copenhagen, Afghan detainees and provincial politics before jetting off to a reception at the Petroleum Club.

The fact that a bogus announcement was put out earlier in the day by an environmental group stating the Canadian government had a new climate change plan only highlighted what Ignatieff denounced as a federal government with no clue on how to deal with pollution matters.

“(The Tories) are playing games with the Canadian public,” he said. “They’ve got no plan at all.”

Another hot-button issue for Ignatieff and the federal Liberals of late involves records involving Canadian-transferred Afghan detainees. The party has claimed that the Tories and Defence Minister Peter MacKay are keeping these documents buried in order to avoid scrutiny by parliamentarians and the general public.

“It’s time for them to explain what they’ve been doing (with those records),” Ignatieff said.

During his brief face time with reporters, Ignatieff was wary to steer clear of venturing opinions on politics within the province.

“A federal leader, especially a Liberal leader, has to watch what he says in Alberta about provincial politics,” he said. “There is obviously change going on in the Alberta political scene.

“It seems to be a good thing, having more competition.”

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