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“I’ll kill a cop!” Four Brooklyn teens indicted for brutally beating two cops

Four Brooklyn teens have been indicted for beating two Bensonhurst cops
File, Reuters

Four Mill Basin teens have been indicted for beating two off-duty cops after the pair asked them to stop jumping on top of car’s in Brooklyn’s Bensonhurst section — and one of them responded, “I’ll kill a cop!”

“These teenagers allegedly attacked two off-duty police officers who identified themselves and simply asked the teens – in the early hours of a Sunday morning – to stop jumping on cars and making a lot of noise in a residential neighborhood. We will now seek to hold them accountable for their conduct.,” Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said.

The four teens, all 17, are: Joseph Nacmias, Jason Chalhon, Vito Morgera, and Michael Peterson.They are charged in a six-count indictment with second-degree assault, third-degree assault, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of marijuana. They will be arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court at a later date. The top count carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

From the D.A.’s press release:
“On February 8, 2015, at approximately 12:20 a.m., in the vicinity of 15th Avenue, in Bensonhurst, NYPD Detective Daniel Alessandrino heard a rowdy group of teenagers creating a disturbance outside of his home. Alessandrino, who was off-duty, went outside to check on the situation and saw a group of about 15 to 20 teenagers, mostly males, making a lot of noise and banging and jumping on cars.

“Alessandrino, who was followed out of the house by his girlfriend, off-duty NYPD Officer Jaline Bernier, told the teens he didn’t want any trouble and asked them to leave the area, to which defendant Nacmias allegedly replied: “What are you going to do? Call a cop?” Alessandrino then identified himself and Officer Bernier as members of the NYPD. Nacmias then allegedly replied: “I don’t care. I’ll kill a cop. A cop is going to die tonight.”

“Nacmias then lunged at Alessandrino and began punching him about the head and body. When Alessandrino pushed Nacmias away, he allegedly attacked Bernier. When Alessandrino tried to intervene, he was allegedly pushed to the ground and surrounded by the teens, who then kicked, punched and stomped on him, including kicking him in the head. They were arrested shortly thereafter.

“Alessandrino suffered swelling and lacerations about the eye, nose, jaw, head, arm and knee, broken teeth and bruising of his chest and shoulder. Bernier suffered swelling of the eye and pain in her face.”

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