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Immigrant’s song

Having lived in Africa, London or Toronto for most of his life, Kingsley Nndem knows why he chose to call Calgary home.

Nndem, 41, was born in Nigeria, and while he said he lived a good life there, he wanted to live somewhere with more security and better infrastructure.

He decided to move to Canada and started with Toronto about four years ago, but didn’t like the city’s crowded feel.

“I came to Calgary for work, and I decided this is the place I want to call home. I love the small-town, big-city feeling, and I find it very accessible to everything you could want or need,” Nndem said, having lived in Calgary for three years now.

“I think the city has great infrastructure, the people are friendly and it’s clean. You can see the skies and there is still so much space.”

Nndem said he specifically likes that while Calgary is a big city, it feels as though you are in the suburbs no matter where you live.

“You can drive to work, if it’s downtown, and still live in a nice community. Driving anywhere doesn’t take very long,” he said, adding Toronto and London were too crowded and busy for him.

“I find that Calgary is calm and there is still a lot to do,” he added.

Nndem loved Calgary so much he decided not to leave with his company when they relocated to the United States. Instead he started his own business as a SAP BI consultant.

“I like to live here because I can drive to the zoo, I can drive to the backcountry and I can drive to nature,” Nndem said. “I find that this city has everything within reach and it’s not overcrowded.”

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