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Impeach Hillary Clinton, Trump supporters say: Video

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A year after the election, President Trump repeatedly takes to Twitter to deflect from his own controversies over Russia and his job performance, insisting that his vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton is the one who really deserves investigation and punishment.

And it’s working unbelievably well, if a Tuesday segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is any indication.

“Donald Trump would lock Hillary Clinton up for the Murder on the Orient Express right now,” Kimmel joked. “His supporters are so passionate about hating Hillary Clinton, it seems sometimes like maybe they forgot that she’s not the president—he is.”

The show sent a correspondent to ask people on the street if Clinton should be impeached and heard a surprising number of affirmatives. “Yes, definitely,” one man said. For what she’s done, the way that she’s kind of… more or less, with the Russian deal and all that going on, she definitely should be out.”

When asked what it would take for Congress to “act now and remove Hillary from office,” he responded: “Well, they really haven’t done anything yet.”

After one woman said Clinton should definitely be impeached, she was asked to name her crimes.

“Girl, I’m not a political person at all so I really have no clue,” she replied. Another man said, “That’s like a wide range of crimes, political crimes, I think human crimes, the list could go on.”

The reporter asked one woman, “What is a bigger threat: Climate change or Hillary Clinton?”

The woman said Clinton.

“Guns or Hillary Clinton?”

The woman said Clinton.

“ISIS or Hillary Clinton?”

The woman paused. “They’re about even,” she replied.

Some of the interviewees mentioned the Uranium One controversy.

President Trump and a number of conservatives have called for Clinton to be investigated over allegations that as secretary of state, she sold 20 percent of the U.S. uranium production capacity to a Russian company in exchange for a donation to the Clinton Foundation.

The charges have already been investigated and thoroughly debunked. The sale required the sign-off of nine agency heads, who unanimously approved. Clinton said the State Department’s approval was handled by a subordinate, and there is no evidence that the matter crossed her desk.

In 2015, the FBI opened an investigation, and career public corruption prosecutors concluded there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.