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Important: Brad Pitt flirted with a woman

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Brad Pitt — a famous actor and aging hipster with tons of sex appeal — reportedly flirted with a woman. This is news apparently.

And because William Bradley Pitt is as smooth as, I don’t know, peanut butter? Regular butter? Tennessee whiskey? He used his given name to do said flirting while on a coffee run in Los Angeles.

“He arrived by motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a leather jacket,” a nosy person tells Page Six. The 54-year-old struck up a conversation with a blonde lady who was in line, who the eyewitness describes as “like Kate Bosworth, but it wasn’t her.” Sure!

“Hi, I’m William,” he said. “Oh, you look like a Bradley,” she said. “Well that’s my middle name,” he said. He smiled. He winked. It’s just like in the movies, but way more boring!

Then he rode off into the sunset on his motorcycle, his scarf blowing in the wind behind him, the fine lines of a smile warming his barely wrinkled, probably Botox’d, very beautiful face. Presumably. I wasn’t there. And honestly? Brad Pitt flirting is not actually newsworthy, so I’m winging it.