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Improve your performance at Algonquin

Algonquin College will be coaching those who are interested in becoming coaches.

With the new performance coaching program that will begin this September at the college, Algonquin is hoping to scoop up some students who wish to improve their abilities to perform in front of people, make presentations, and gain a basic understanding of human psychology.

“We found that there was a need in this area,” said Shaunna Burke, coordinator of the new program. “It’s a new profession, so there aren’t many programs that exist that allow people to develop their skills and knowledge as a coach.”

Just because coaching is in the title of the program, doesn’t mean that the program is only intended for those who wish to become a full-time coach.

“It’s mostly for working professionals whose job responsibilities include a coaching or mentoring role,” said Burke. “It’s also designed for those individuals who want to pursue a career (in) independent coaching and helping them reach their potential as a performer.”

While other programs may focus on a specific trades or disciplines, the performance coaching program is geared towards personal growth and supplementing existing skills in their students.

“We teach about the psychological state of mind to setting goals and exceeding them,” said Burke. “It’s all about the mindset required to succeed and teaching students to cope and help others who are dealing with stressful situations.”

The 45-week program is offered mostly online, utilizing “software that we’ve built into this program, allowing us to offer lectures over the Internet.”

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