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In 2015 it’s cool to be a homemaker

These days it’s hip to be a homemaker. Turn to any lifestyle blog or site like Pinterest and you’ll find savvy twenty and thirty somethings whipping up gorgeous recipes and tending to their gardens.

“We’re rewriting the rules,” explains Brit Morin founder of Brit +Co., an online “destination for the DIY generation.”

“Many of our grandmothers didn’t have the option to have a career. Then our mothers felt a lot of pressure to invest all of their time and energy in their careers. For our generation, we’re lucky to have a choice. It’s OK to do both, and many of us want to do both.”

For those of us wanting to ace it at work and bake a cake from scratch at home , Morin’s new book, “Homemakers: A Domestic Handbook for the Digital Generation” helps bridge the gap between plugged-in career girl and domestic diva. She shows us how.

Embrace technology
Need inspiration? Look no further than your web browser. “We have access to an incredible amount of information very quickly — take advantage of that,” says Morin. “Just as technology has impacted the way we communicate and the way we buy things, it has also transformed the home.” One project she loves is the wireless charging nightstand. “I love incorporating technology into the home in a seamless fashion,” she says.

Don’t let time constraints stop you
Everyone is always busy, but your lack of free time shouldn’t scare you away from pursuing creative projects. “Homemaking doesn’t have to be about spending all of your time at home. You can add personality into your home with small creative projects,” Morin says. Two time-friendly DIYs she recommends are the etched glass tumblers and the balloon backdrop.
“You wouldn’t expect glass etching to be as easy as it is,” she says. “Plus, these make the perfect personalized gift.”
As for the balloon backdrop, “It’s one of my favorite party tricks,” says Morin. “Simply blow up a bunch of balloons, string them together using fishing line and hang them up in rows on your wall using painter’s tape. Simple as that!”

Remember to “unplug”
As much as we rely on technology, Morin believes we need to unplug too. “Taking “analog” time is incredibly important,” she says. “Carve out time each week to completely disconnect and get creative. At Brit + Co we actually take one day each quarter to learn a new creative skill — we call it Creativity Day. People have learned everything from woodworking to cheese making.”

“Modern homemaking is putting your own personal spin on the concept of creating a home and pursuing your interests, and for everyone that’s a bit different,” she says.

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