In honor of International Women’s Day, the words of 10 strong women – Metro US

In honor of International Women’s Day, the words of 10 strong women

On a day when women are encouraged to stay home from work and rally as part of both International Women’s Day and #DayWithoutAWoman, we must pay homage to the women who came before.

Long before there were pink knitted “pussy hats,” these women fought for their gender — and their race. Because of them, women the world over became empowered and brave and ready to fight the power that, even despite wins along the way, threatened to take away their rights at nearly every turn.

Obviously, these are just 10 in a list of countless women throughout history — and today. Please share in the comments or on social media who would make your list.

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Harriet Tubman

“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Susan B. Anthony

“I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.”

Elizabeth Warren

“Americans are fighters. We’re tough, resourceful and creative, and if we have the chance to fight on a level playing field, where everyone pays a fair share and everyone has a real shot, then no one — no one — can stop us.”

Maya Angelou

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

Malala Yousafzai

“If one man can destroy everything, why can’t one girl change it?”

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Rosa Parks

“People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. I was not tired physically … no, the only tired I was was tired of giving in.”

Nora Ephron

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”

Amelia Earhart

“Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others.”

Florence Nightingale

“Were there none who were discontented with what they have, the world would never reach anything better.”

Michelle Obama

“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.”