In honor of #LoveYourRedHairDay, here are 15 gingers we love – Metro US

In honor of #LoveYourRedHairDay, here are 15 gingers we love

The old adage might say that blondes have more fun, but today, it’s all about the gingers, who celebrate their locks each Nov. 5.

Without further ado, here are 15 of our favorite fiery-tressed celebs.

1. Prince Harry


2. Ellie Kemper

Honestly, who is cuter than this “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star? Aside from Harry, no one.

3. Michael Fassbender

TBQH, we had no idea he even had hair because we were looking somewhere … else.

4. Amy Adams

The two-time Golden Globe winner and five-time Oscar nominee is often mistaken for Isla Fisher, her co-star in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals,” which will be released Nov. 18.

5. Julie Klausner

The “Difficult People” creator and star’s acerbic wit is as fiery as her mane.

6. Conan O’Brien

He’s been funny for, like, ever and based on his “The Notebook 2” segment earlier this week with Ryan Reynolds, he might be a good kisser …

7. Nicole Kidman

The Oscar-winning actress will next appear in “Lion,” which will be released Nov. 25.

8. Bryce Dallas Howard

She might be the offspring of No. 9 on our list, but we’d like to see him pull off her “Jurassic World” heels.

9. Ron Howard

He had us as Opie and Richie Cunningham before he became narrator of “Arrested Development.” Oh, and an Oscar-winning director, of course.

10. Julianne Moore

In addition to being an acclaimed actress, Moore is also the writer of the successful children’s series, “Freckleface Strawberry.”

11. Christina Hendricks

Since “Mad Men,” she played the conniving Chair on “Another Period” and appears in Nov. 23’s “Bad Santa 2.”

12. Bill Burr

The raging comedian has been doing standup since the early ’90s and his “F is for Family” Netflix series was picked up for a second season.

13. Kate Pierson

The B-52’s singer released her first solo album last year and owns two vintage-themed motels with her wife.

14. Mario Batali

The Crocs-loving chef has restaurants spanning the globe from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

15. Rick Astley

Yeah, we just rickrolled you!

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