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In honor of MLK Day, Pornhub puts him on site banner

Pornhub MLK

Today we honor civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. for the foundation he laid and the everlasting influence he has on what it means to live freely and equally in the United States.

Many big companies took to social media in support early this morning.

And among them, was — er — Pornhub. Seen on the site’s banner was a silhouette of MLK Jr. himself.

Back in 2014, the pornography site — averaging an annual 92 billion video views — made headlines when they posted to Twitter, “Happy MLK. In honor of his death, make sure to only use the Ebony category today.”

Note: The Ebony category is comprised of videos involving black “performers.” As Pornhub wrote in a questionable tweet back in February of 2015, “Celebrating Black History Month by watching the Ebony category all month long.”

Forty minutes later, the company tweeted their version of an apology: “Apology: MLK would have wanted everyone to watch the Interracial category today. #IHaveADream.”

Pornhub could not be reached for an immediate comment, but they did post to social media.

“Happy MLK day!” the company tweeted this morning. “Please do not resurface our very bad tweet.”

Attached was a “sensitive material notice” which, once clicked on, disclosed a picture of this MLK Jr.-gracing banner. (And yes, for the purpose of this article I clicked on the tweet despite its warning because, you know, journalism.)

It seems as though Pornhub is making light of their prior MLK Day social media scandal, perhaps pointing a finger at the public who gave them heat for it in the past. 

They later retweeted one user who wrote, “I checked and it’s real.”

Pornhub trolled Trump

Pornhub showcased their colorful, “no f*cks given” Twitter presence back in February. They tweeted at Trump after he wrote, “Big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas, while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!”

Take that as you will.

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