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In praise of Euron Greyjoy

Euron Greyjoy Game of Thrones Premiere

Euron Greyjoy only had a few minutes worth of screen time in Sunday’s premiere of “Game of Thrones.” But oh boy, those few minutes were worth it.

Greyjoy is poised to be a major villain towards the end of the series. And if he partners up with Cersei, like he wants to, you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll cause major chaos. I mean, who else is so cavalier about rapin’ and pillagin’ and murderin’?

More importantly, though, we should discuss his makeover

The Euron Greyjoy of days past looked like any other pile of old, sentient rags hailing from the very bleak Iron Islands. But now? Euron went to the nearest Urban Outfitters in Westeros and plied himself in the most modern and fashionable likeness of Captain Jack Sparrow that he could. And basically everyone on the Internet agrees that between his likeness to Joshua Jackson and his very well-timed makeover, Euron is the scene stealer we’ve been waiting for.

The Daily Beast thinks so.

Yara and Theon’s murderous uncle saunters into Cersei’s throne room to offer his hand in marriage with the full confidence of a man dressed in Hot Topic couture circa 2009. So much black leather! Guyliner, ahoy! Is that an asymmetrical neckline? He’s a bad boy, dear reader. A villain. Don’t let his soft resemblance to the guy from Dawson’s Creek fool you: Euron’s presence this season is a game-changer for Westeros.

Vulture thinks so.

The most shocking transformation in last night’s episode of Game of Thrones … came when Euron Greyjoy, the formerly fashion- and morals-challenged king of the Iron Islands, sailed into an audience with Cersei and Jaime Lannister in tight leather pants, a low-cut top, and smokey smattering of eyeliner. Yes, somewhere between Pike and King’s Landing, Euron found himself in an Urban Outfitters from 5 years ago to pick up an outfit inspired by the New York rock scene of 15 years ago, stopped by Burning Man to find himself/get a little wear and tear in his look, and then hung out with Joshua Jackson circa Fringe for some #twinning Instagrams.

Time knows what’s up.

For the occasion, Euron opted to channel his scheming vibes with the preferred uniform of a 2014 summer goth, revealing his taste for oddly modern looking threads for the medieval bad boy.

Refinery29 sees you, Euron.

Astute comparisons include: Brooklyn hipster, a goth Pablo Escobar, a Hot Topic employee, and Bam Margera, the professional skateboarder.

So although being “Team Euron” may be a bridge too far — he is a sociopath, after all — being “Team Euron’s Hot Pirate Makeover Lookin’ Like Capitain Jack Sparrow in his Prime” sounds pretty good. Sign us up. 


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