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In search of a better smile

Renovating your smile is easier, less intrusive and quicker than ever. In fact, Dr. Sol Weiss, dentist for the Miss Universe Canada Pageant, says that these days, the most important part of finding your perfect smile is knowing what you want.

That”s because there are a variety of options available to fix a crooked or discoloured smile. “Tell me what you like and don”t like,” says Weiss from his Toronto clinic, “and then I”ll know what to do from there.”

Weiss says the first step to a perfect smile is having healthy teeth to build on. Keeping up on regular dental checkups and taking care of your teeth at home is the best place to start.

“I won”t do anything until everything is healthy, cleaned and X-rayed,” says Weiss.

If crooked teeth are your concern, you no longer have to be fitted with metal braces, which is often a deterrent for adults who want to straighten their teeth. Invisalign is a new alternative to metal, and starts at $3,500 for simple corrections.

Weiss says 80 per cent of his Invisalign patients are adults. One of Weiss” patients was the winner of the most recent season of CTV”s Canada”s Top Model, Meaghan Waller. Towards the end of the series, Weiss removed her metal braces and replaced them with the clear, removable aligners, to give her a sleeker look.

Zoom whitening, is a popular option for discoloured teeth. The procedure can be done in one appointment and can lighten your teeth several shades for just under $700.

For cracked or chipped teeth, there are a few options. Bonding the tooth will change the shape and colour of the tooth, and can be matched to fit in with the rest of your teeth.

For teeth that need a lot of work, Weiss says veneers are a good bet. They are long lasting, and can give you an all over perfect smile, correcting misaligned and chipped teeth. This procedure starts at a base of $1,300 plus lab fees.

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