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In Trump’s America, even Oreos have a European escape plan

Things are looking bleak for liberal Americans. Many vowed to leave if Donald Trump got elected — John Kerry is even looking at cabins in Antarctica — and even those who haven’t bought plane tickets yet are probably weighing their options and chatting up all the cute French tourists in the city.

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Now, even the quintessential American cookie is making diplomatic overtures abroad. The latest edition of Oreos isn’t another abomination in the race to the bottom of the pumpkin spice jar, but a mashup with Europe’s favorite chocolate bar, Milka. Dubbed the Big Crunch, it flips Oreo’s usual cookie-creme-cookie formula by sandwiching a layer of Oreo chocolate cookie between two layers of vanilla creme, then wraps it all in Milka chocolate.

We got to try it, and in fairness the match doesn’t taste like a green card marriage: The almost Nutella-esque nuttiness of the Milka adds another dimension of sweetness, while the Oreo cookies give some needed texture to the ultra-melty Milka. (A second collaboration, coming in January, will be a more traditional chocolate bar with Oreo cookies and vanilla creme mixed in.)

So congrats on the hookup, Oreos. We know you wouldn’t actually leave (right?!), and frankly we could all use a treat this week.

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