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Independent panel needed to decide MLA salaries: Pastoor

Who should decide how much MLAs make?

That’s what Bridget Pastoor, Alberta Liberal MLA for Lethbridge-East, wants to know, and that’s why she tabled a motion that calls for the creation of an independent committee to review MLA pay and benefits.

“I’m asking for an independent review of MLA salaries,” Pastoor said yesterday before tabling her motion. “I think that openness, transparency and accountability is paramount in Alberta today.”

Motion 501 urges the government to establish an independent commission to review the current salaries and benefits for MLAs and to report back on whether the current overall remuneration for Members is fair and adequate.

Regardless of what an independent commission finds, MLAs still have to vote on their own salaries because it is public money. Pastoor just doesn’t necessarily believe MLAs should set their own salaries.

“I think there is a perception out there that we’re all overpaid,” she said. “Cabinet voted themselves a fairly large increase last year and because of public pressure, it was cut back. I think the public is interested in what we make and are they getting good value for the money.”

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