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Indochine has sandwiches like no other in HRM

Indochine Banh Mi
1551 South Park St.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Price range: $
Time in: 1:10
Time out: 1:25
Low $: Bubble Tea Smoothies $4.50
High $: Sandwiches $6.95

It’s a sunny summer day so my pal and I decide to check out Indochine Banh Mi — a take-out with a few tables — pick up Asian-inspired sandwiches and head across the street to the Public Gardens. And what fine sandwiches they are.

I choose Lemongrass Chicken. It is served on an eight-inch French bag­uette. My tender chicken pieces are topped with fresh pickled carrot, daikon radish, onion, cucumber, chilis and cil­antro. It has a nice bite. I savour every mouthful.

My pal has the even more flavourful Pork Meatball. It has the same bread and toppings, although he requests extra chilis. Great zing!

I wasn’t thrilled with Bubble Tea the first time I tried one years ago, but I bravely order a Peach-Mango Bubble Tea Smoothy. It’s refreshing and flavourful, but those tapioca pearls simply annoy me. I trade for my pal’s Ginger Beer and declare it a delightful lunch.

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