INFOGRAPHIC: January 19 is 'Blue Monday,' the most depressing day of 2015 - Metro US

INFOGRAPHIC: January 19 is ‘Blue Monday,’ the most depressing day of 2015

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According to “experts”, Monday the 19th of January is symbolically the most depressing day of 2015. Why? Because the festive glow of Christmas has faded, New Year’s resolutions have been broken, cold winter weather has set in and credit card bills have arrived, all the while our January pay-cheque is still some time away.

1. Try something new: Be creative, or learn something new to get your brain active and start thinkingof new thingsinstead ofdwelling onthe old.

2: Eat well:Although you might feel more inclined to eat comfort food like chips or chocolate, eating plenty of oily fish like salmon and mackerel will be better for you in the long term.

3: Exercise:Exercise not only helps boost your energy levels and immune system,but it also causesthe brain to release endorphins – naturally occurring chemicals that make us feel.

4:Take a break: Go somewhere different, whether it’s a coffee shop you have never been into, or a faraway luxury holiday; by changing your physical location, you change your perspective on.

5: Be nice to a stranger:Do a random act of kindness; doing good for others is the best form of self-satisfaction.

6: Help the planet:Be a good ancestor in some way; the planet will be here long after you are gone.

7: Plan something new:Whether it’s planning a holiday for later in the year or deciding what to do at the weekend, looking forward to something new or different can be uplifting.

8. Share your thoughts:A problem shared is a problem halved.

9. Pamper yourself:From a small indulgence to a luxury you have been promising yourself.

10: Practice mindfulness:Evidence suggests that practicing mindfulness – a combination of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques – can improve your mood.

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