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Injuries aren’t holding them back

Maxwell Award. Spot in the national championship. Rachel Glandorf. These are things Texas quarterback Colt McCoy probably didn’t deserve. Yet, somehow, he’s pulled off all of them.

McCoy is a pretty big deal in Austin. He’s the winningest quarterback in college football history. He’s got a name that only a kid from Texas could pull off — it has a legendary cowboy ring to it, kind of like Bo and Luke Duke in “The Dukes of Hazzard.” And for a couple years now, McCoy has been dating a former Texas track star, Glandorf.

The “how they met” is comical. As legend has it, McCoy walked past a room occupied by Glandorf, backed up to do a double-take and then walked in to meet her while his friend waited outside.

Supposedly, McCoy strutted out of the room and told his friend he was going to make her his girlfriend. Mission accomplished.

Now, say what you want about McCoy. He doesn’t have muscle of Tim Tebow. He doesn’t have the arm of Jimmy Clausen. Or he doesn’t have the stature of Sam Bradford. Doesn’t matter. With?Glandorf on his arm, his off the field game trumps them all.

Glandorf entered the national consciousness last January when FOX cameras kept focusing on her during the Fiesta Bowl between Texas and Ohio State. The images went viral on the Web that night. Ditto the images from this year’s title game against Alabama, although she was frowning in most of them after McCoy was knocked out early in the game.

Monday night, McCoy took Glandorf, a stunning, leggy blonde, to Texas Memorial Stadium and lit up the scoreboard with “Will you Marry Me?” When she saw it, she turned around and McCoy was on one knee. She said yes.

Look for her to be by his side in April when he’s taken late first or early second round of the NFL draft.

Jason Raj McIntyre covers athletes off the field and runs the popular blog, TheBigLead.com.

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