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Insatiable season 2: Everything you need to know

Insatiable season 2

Despite the immense amount of backlash, Insatiable season 2 has just been announced. The controversial dark comedy by Netflix following Patty (Debby Ryan), who for years has been bullied, outcasted and disregarded by those around her solely because of her size. Patty loses the weight, becomes thin and sets out for payback against anyone who has ever made her feel insecure. Insatiable has received a lot of criticism over claims of fat-shaming, but that isn’t stopping Netflix from greenlighting another season. Here is everything we know so far about Insatiable season 2. 

What will Insatiable season 2 be about?

The official plot has not been announced quite yet for the new season, but predictions can be made about what might be in store after the ending of season 1. Spoiler alert! The ending of the first season left audiences on an intense cliffhanger. At the beginning of the last episode, Patty is kidnapped by Stella Rose (Beverly D’Angelo) and Roxy Buckley (Chloe Bridges). The girl’s sinister plan involves murdering Patty while portraying the killing as a suicide.

Patty manages to escape and ends up with ex-boyfriend Christian (James Lastovic) who has just kidnapped and drugged Patty’s mortal enemy Magnolia (Erinn Westbrook). Christian tries to persuade Patty to murder Magnolia, but in a twist of events Patty releases her hate with Magnolia and sets her free. Christian then turns on Patty calling her a “bad person.” Patty then screams “I’m a good person” and begins to beat Christian to death. The final plot twist in this already incredibly surprising ending comes when Patty admits to murdering not only Christian but Stella Rose as well in a call to her lawyer. The show immediately ends after, leaving audiences hungry for more. 

Insatiable season 2 plot release date trailer cast

Insatiable season 2 cast

The full cast for Insatiable season 2 has not been revealed; however, you can expect many of the main characters from season 1 to return. Michael Provost (Brick), Irene Choi (Dixie), Kimmy Shields (Nonnie), Dallas Roberts (Bob Armstrong) and Chloe Bridges (Roxy) all appeared out of character in a short announcement video for Insatiable season 2.

Insatiable season 2 release date

The official release date is unclear, but the second season is expected sometime in 2019. And since the first season premiered in August most likely in the summer. This post will be updated when the exact date is announced. 

Insatiable season 2 trailer

The trailer has not been released yet, but you can check out the season 2 announcement video below.