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Insider tips for Cyber Monday

Items in high demand are sure to run out fast, so log on early. Credit: Colourbox Items in high demand are sure to run out fast, so log on early.
Credit: Colourbox

Armed with your coffee and credit card, you may feel ready for Cyber Monday, but with millions of other shoppers joining in, the online shopping competition is fierce. Mattias Larsson, the CEO and founder of DefinitiveDeals.com has been studying online shopping habits for eight years, particularly Cyber Monday habits. He spills his insider knowledge to Metro so you can score the best deals.

Keep your eye on the prize.
“It’s so easy to get distracted on Cyber Monday by deals for items you don’t really want,” Larsson says. To avoid buyer’s remorse, make a list of the items you want to buy and stick to it. “Retailers will advertise big discounts to get you to click on their site, but those items sell out fast and then you’re clicking around on the site instead of buying the items you want. Meanwhile, those items are selling out in other places.”

Don’t go for the lowest price.
If you’re hoping to score some electronics, beware of scams. According to Larson, many sites will offer cheap electronics, but the quality will be as low as the price and you’ll end up disappointed. “Look for discounts that aren’t the door-buster price, but still a good deal,” he says.

Wait on clothes and toys.
“Prices for these items actually drop more closer to Christmas than they do on Cyber Monday,” Larson says. The one exception: new, buzzworthy toys. “If there’s something really big this season get it early, but for toys that are the same year after year, you’re better off waiting until Christmas.”

Forget about getting that new PlayStation4.
Our expert says finding a PlayStation4 or Xbox One below the sticker price isn’t going to happen. But you will find sweet deals on PS3s and Xbox 360s. “You won’t be able to get the latest and greatest, but you’ll be able to find great bundles of older consoles that come with the system and games,” says Larsson.

Don’t stop hunting on Tuesday.
There are six fewer shopping days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so retailers are trying even harder than years past to get shoppers’ attention. Better-than-usual deals will be going on up until Christmas, so don’t feel stressed to get all your shopping done on Monday.

Founded in 2005, DefinitiveDeals.comshowcases the best deals the Web has to offer. Deals are listed in order of strength.

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