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Instagram Story save tools: how to improve your Insta business account automation

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Instagram today is not only a platform for entertaining content but also a great place to develop your product and brand. It is okay if it is textual information and can easily be copied and stored. But what if it’s about Stories, which are so trendy nowadays? Insta Stories “live” for 24 hours; after that, they disappear on their own, and there is no way to get them back. Is it possible to “extend their life”?

Nowadays, users are more likely to post useful information in their Stories than in their news feed, so you often desire to save valuable tricks offered by other users or even your competitors. And if you’ve never once thought of saving Stories, here are a couple of reasons that will prove you wrong. I believe in running a business account this would be more than helpful.

4 reasons to save Instagram Stories

  • Keep useful and inspiring info

Your competitors have posted in Stories great tips for you to borrow, or you have found useful information for your business from another user. Now you have an opportunity to store Stories, so there is no need to remember the information, but open it anytime and browse anywhere.

  • Keep info 24/7

If it’s a busy day, not for browsing Stories, you may quickly store the content of the users you’re interested in and view it in a week’s time. Save and explore them whenever you like, as the Story may now “live” for more than 24 hours.

  • It’s legal

Your business won’t suffer from keeping the Stories. On the contrary, you will learn something new and keep it in your notes (gallery). The only problem that may arise is copyright law infringement (link the Stories author if you use his content for your business purposes).

  • It’s easy

Here you’ll find information about secure services and apps that will save your favorite Stories to any gadget or pc. It’s easy and safe for your business account.

Insta Stories downloading: how to save users Stories

You may get people’s Stories in several ways: either using external apps that you need to set up on your device or using an Ig Stories download web-based platform that does not require installation. Let’s get things straight.

Insta Stories downloading: iPhone

  • ReShare Story

The tool is placed in the App Store. It allows you to create folders with saved content (Stories, posts, videos, highlights, and profile pictures) or browse the public user Stories anonymously. Here you may link several accounts not to miss out on updates from competitors or favorite users. No payment is needed.

How to use:

  • install the tool from the App Store;
  • open the app on the iPhone and login via Insta acc;
  • insert the username of a person the content of who you desire to download;
  • create a folder with downloaded Stories not to lose them and to keep the content with you.

  • Story Saver for Me

The tool is also located in the App Store. It may download and view Stories anonymously. The instrument has a 7-day trial version after the app is paid.

How to use:

  • install the tool from App Store;
  • start a trial version without sign-in;
  • enter the desired username in the input line;
  • download Stories in high quality to “My list”;
  • share Stories with friends.

Insta Stories downloading: Android

Story Saver

The tool is placed in the Play Store. You have an opportunity both to receive Stories or IGTV on the device and repost them to Insta via the instrument.

How to use:

  • install the tool from the Play Store;
  • login to Insta acc in the installed and opened tool;
  • insert the nickname the Stories (posts or IGTV) of who you desire to store;
  • pick out desired active Stories (or store in bulk) the life of which you wish to prolong;
  • share the Story with friends or repost it to Insta;
  • mark essential for your profiles to receive fresh content.

Insta Stories downloading: PC and Mac

Story Saver

The tool is placed in the Chrome Store. Use the service to receive high-quality Stories on “Downloads” on the Mac or computer.

How to use:

  • install the instrument from the Chrome Store;
  • reboot the browser;
  • open your Insta acc via Google Chrome;
  • pick out the Story and then “green arrow” image at the right corner;
  • the storing process starts automatically.

Insta Stories downloading: any device

Bigbangram Stories downloader

Use the tool designed by the Bigbangram platform free of charge and without installation, registration. It is used for getting and keeping Stories on any device.

How to use:

  • access the service in the browser;
  • then switch to your Insta acc and copy the necessary nickname;
  • insert it in the input line;
  • hit on “Download”;
  • pick out active Stories to keep them in a library or the pc “Downloads”.

3 ways to “prolong” your own Insta Story

If you don’t already know how to extend your cool Stories’ life, here are 4 ways for you.

  • Sent to Archive
  • pick out 3 horizontal lines at the top right on your Insta profile page;
  • then “Settings”-“Privacy” and “Story”;
  • hit on “Save to Archive” (you may press on “Save to Gallery” too to store them automatically on the photo library);

So, after the setup is complete, your Stories content will be auto-archived and stored on the Insta app.

  • Send to Highlights
  • switch to Active (hamburger menu at the top right);
  • pick out a Story and hit on “Highlight”;
  • add it to the existing highlight group or create a new one.

Now your added Stories will be viewable for all Insta users in Highlights.

  • Send to gadget gallery
  • switch to your active Story;
  • pick out “3 dots” on the screen;
  • then “Save photo/video” to get one element Story or “Save Story” to receive all Stories as one media content;
  • go to the phone gallery and enjoy the content.

Knowing and using these simple tools will make your business page easier and free you from remembering all the vital information because now it is always with you, and you have an opportunity to view it at any time.


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