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Interior Design for the rest of us


Hiring an interior designer is one of the best things you can do for your home. A fool-proof way to triumph over oddly shaped living rooms, stubborn kitchens and your own questionable taste, it’s a next-level commitment that announces loudly and clearly to the world, “Why hello, I am an adult—or at the very least, I appear to live like one.”

So why haven’t you signed that contract yet? The same reason you haven’t done a lot of things: Interior designers are expensive.

Until now, that is.
Founded in 2014 by sisters Emily Motayed and Lee Mayer, Havenly is an entirely digital platform that connects clients and interior designers for online consultations. Although the service is not the first of its kind, the price certainly is: For a flat-fee of $199, a professional designer will create two custom concept boards for your room and provide product and placement recommendations; for smaller projects, a $79 option offers a mini refresh.
“We see a variety of clients looking for expert help in designing their homes,” says Motayed. “They may nothavehad the resources or ability to hire a traditional interior designer, because in-person designers tend to be cost prohibitive.”
Thinking it’s time for a little upgrade? Here are some of Havenly’s most-requested trends to get you inspired.
It’s true—your grandmother was on to something. “Wallpaper is making a comeback,” says Motayed. “An easy way to try it out without being overwhelmed is utilizing an accent wall. We’re seeing a lot of gold and metallic wallpapers, but also bold, bright colors on the walls. It’s such an easy and fun way to update a room.”
Don’t have the funds for that new statement couch? Consider re-upholstering. “Not only are folks refinishing pieces that they own or were passed down to them, but an easy way to save money is to purchase an item from Ikea or a discount retailer and update it with more luxurious fabrics,” says Motayed. “Preppy patterns are having a renaissance—stripes and polka dots and even updated paisley.”
Although Pantone forecasted pastels for 2016, Havenly clients are still requesting bold colors. “We’re definitely still seeing accent walls of bold blues, pinks, and greens—a lot of color-blocking in draperies and carpets, as well,” says Motayed. “Lighter colors are being incorporated into the softer accents—blankets and in artwork—that are tying the room together.”

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