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International Buskers

When Zimbabwean-born Nellie Collins first came to Rachele Wildmare for violin lessons, the Australian musician had no idea what was coming next.

The performer had already been learning the violin, but wanted to brush up on his skills for a particular stunt, Wildmare said Thursday.

“I taught him for a period of time and we began swapping skills and we realized that we had a show.”

Four years later, Collins and Wildmare are Strings on Fire, making their Ottawa debut with a show called Liqueur Flambé at the Ottawa International Busker Festival over the long weekend.

Collins, a marine biologist who found a love for performance art early on, calls the show “a romantic circus cabaret.”

The duo is known for performing balancing acts while playing the violin. They are also set to perform in Halifax, Port Credit and Toronto this summer.

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