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IOC nitwits still freezing women out of ski jump

Imagine how much better the Olympic Games could be were it not for the nitwits who run them.

What’s the deal with these clowns? Why is it that the members of the International Olympic Committee can only be described with adjectives that start with the letter ‘i’? You know – irritating, ignorant, insensitive, insensible, idiotic. . .

One of them, someone named Gian Franco Kasper, actually was quoted as saying this in an effort to explain why women should continue to be banned from ski jumping in the Olympics:

From a “medical point of view, (ski jumping is not) appropriate for ladies.”


Am I missing something here? Is there something about a female body that doesn’t allow them to fly through the air as well as a male body can?

Oh, and then there was Jacques Rogge’s rationale for the prohibition of women’s ski jumping.

Rogge is the president of the IOC and, you would suspect, intelligent. I’m afraid, however, that this is one ‘i’ word that cannot be applied to him.

Women’s ski jumping, Rogge said, must be excluded from the Olympics because it has only 80 competitors worldwide.

“If you have three medals, with 80 athletes competing on a regular basis internationally, the percentage of medal winners is extremely high,” Rogge said. “In any another sport, you are speaking about hundreds of thousands, if not tens of millions of athletes, at a very high level, competing for one single medal. We do not want the medals to be diluted.”

Thing is, Rogge’s wrong. More than130 women from 16 countries are registered with the International Ski Federation. Hundreds more compete at national levels.

And Rogge’s contention that “hundreds of thousands, if not tens of millions of athletes” compete at high levels in other Olympic sports? That’s bull.

Has he not seen any women’s ice hockey in recent years? Has he no clue about the dearth of competitive women hockey players or how women’s hockey has become strictly a two-country sport? Is he unaware that Canada and the United States always meet for the gold medal?

There actually may be more formidable female ski jumpers on the planet than women hockey players. Or male badminton players. Or. . .

Seriously, the IOC has to smarten up and it must capitulate. It is 2008. Women deserve to ski jump in the Olympics. Period. End of story.

Sadly, women ski jumpers are suing to get in to the 2010 Games in Vancouver. You might help them by signing a petition. Check out www.wsj2010.com.

And don’t forget to dot the i’s.

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