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Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg dances poorly, embarrasses daughter

There are some things basketball coaches should not do: waste timeouts, yell at officials, work for James Dolan or dance. Especially the last one.

That goes double for Iowa State’s head coach, Fred Hoiberg.

Hoiberg, quite possibly the nerdiest coach in all of college basketball, fell victim to the poor choice of dancing for his team after knocking off North Carolina on Sunday to advance to the Sweet 16. It was not pretty, as the CBS cameras captured.

(Side note: Especially don’t dance when you know there are cameras around.)

I mean, with as goofy a name as “Hoiberg” (isn’t that a character on “Futurama”?) you just know dancing isn’t going to turn out well. But poor Hoiberg still sold out for his team and did something approximating a dance. Somehow, his team actually got into it. “A” for effort, I guess.

Not only did Hoiberg know there were cameras around, he actually went as far as to apologize to his daughter, Paige, in a text which she graciously shared with the world via her Twitter account.

Hoiberg’s son, Jack, also summed up his father’s dance moves in blunt fashion.

We feel for you guys. Parents are the worst.

Follow Metro New York Sports Editor Mark Osborne on Twitter @MetroNYSports. He is a UConn graduate and hopes Hoiberg’s Cyclones are summarily destroyed on Friday at MSG. Sorry Hoiberg family.

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