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‘Irate’ couple confronted officers involved in dog seizure, police say

An angry couple allegedly used a household tool to threaten a police officer and an animal control officer who showed up at their home Sunday morning to remove their allegedly dangerous dog.

Halifax RCMP spokesman Cpl. Joe Taplin said “the homeowners became very irate and came out with a hammer” when the officers responded at about 11 a.m. to complaints of their pitbull attacking people in the neighbourhood.

The couple’s aggressiveness forced the RCMP officer to pull out his service revolver and demand that they drop the hammer before he seized the dog, Taplin said.

The first complaint made to police Sunday came from a woman who was riding her bike when the pitbull apparently charged her, knocked her to the ground and bit her foot. Not long after that, the dog also allegedly took a chunk out of the back tire of another bike as a husband and wife rode down the street.

Police said when the officers arrived on scene, they too saw the pitbull charge a cyclist, trying to bite both his bike tire and leg.

Taplin said police will look into the dog’s history but he wouldn’t speculate on what might happen to the animal or any potential charges against the couple.

“We’re going to work with animal control services and try to determine the appropriate charges to be laid,” he said, adding that residents should keep their dogs on leashes or in contained areas.

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