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Is bacon the best motivator? For the Texas Longhorns, it is

Texas Longhorns

In Donald Trump’s America, there are winners and there are losers. In Tom Herman’s Texas, there are those who eat bacon and those who don’t.

The Texas Longhorns are coming off “the worst three-year stretch in the history of Texas football” and shouldn’t get comfortable with it, Herman said.

It seems the new rule that started during winter conditioning competitions is if you play like trash, you eat like trash. With a little embarrassment on the side.

America runs on Dunkin, but Texas Longhorns run on bacon.

“The winners were there eating crispy bacon,” said defensive back P.J. Locke. “The losers got a trash breakfast – burnt toast, cold pancakes.”

“The losers got watered-down eggs and had to eat out in the stadium with the cold wind blowing,” offensive lineman Connor Williams said.

Herman embraced the idea set forth by his former boss at Ohio State, Urban Meyer, who hit them where it hurt and used food to motivate.

Food and shame.

Locke said the losers have to serve the winners.

“It was awful,” Locke said.

Texas Longhorns new legacy of losing is “awful.”

Herman used the same word on Tuesday at Big 12 media days.

“I think losing has to be awful, and you can never get used to losing,” Herman said. “That is one of the biggest downfalls of a lot of teams is you get used to losing. No, losing is awful. It’s awful. It’s not just, ‘Oh well, we’ll get them next week.’ No, this is like the-sky-is-falling-type stuff.”

“When you lose 21 times in three years, that is a definite possibility,” Herman added. “You become numb to losing. It should hurt even worse the 21st time than the first time.

“And so, every time we have a competitive situation, we’re going to make sure that the people that don’t win in that competitive situation, that they feel awful about it and that it’s not funny and it’s not hokey or corny, that it’s really, really bad for them to lose, as well as it being very, very cool for the guys that win and very rewarding for the guys that win. Because that’s what happens on Saturdays and that’s what happens throughout the season.”

For more on Herman’s tough love, read the full report at Yahoo! Sports.

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