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Is Dunkin Donuts open on July 4th?

is dunkin donuts open on july 4th
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Dunkin Donuts has embedded itself deep within our coffee-loving hearts. It’s not even fair, when you think about it. They pump out qualify caffeine for a ridiculously reasonable price — not to mention offering free tastings of new offerings like frozen lemonade and free coffee giveaways — and specialize in donuts, which no one can resist. So since you don’t skip a day of Dunkin, you might be wondering is Dunkin Donuts open on July 4th?

If you’re more interested in your daily donut than getting a coffee, you have the same concerns. (Also, we’re envious of your diet.) After all, every day is better with a donut (even if you already get the day off of work), and the holiday generally gets pretty hot and humid, the perfect excuse to grab one of the new Dunkin ice cream-flavored coffees before heading out to watch the parade. But is that even an option?

Before you get ready to brave the line of eager parade-goers to get your iced or frozen coffee, you might want to take a few minutes to download the Dunkin Donuts app (available through the iTunes Store or Google Play). You’ll get points for each purchase that can be used later for rewards like free drinks, and you can also order ahead so all you need to do is run in, grab your drink and get away from that long line.

Is Dunkin Donuts open on July 4th?

So, is Dunkin Donuts open on July 4th for your caffeine fix? And, an equally important question, can you expect patriotic pastries to be released specially for the holiday? Breathe easy, if Dunkin is your go-to breakfast spot, because this coffee and pastry shop is open on July 4th. In fact, the only holiday this coffee shop closes for is Christmas Day.

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It does come with one caveat, though. Some locations of Dunkin Donuts are franchises, which may not have the same holiday hours as corporate-run spots, so take the extra minute to search for your nearest shop and call ahead about their hours. Don’t let a phone call come between you and your donut fix.


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