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Is Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix?

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The newest season kicked off it all its action-filled glory this past weekend, but wait — you’ve forgot some plot points of the last three seasons. Before you get too deep into Fear the Walking Dead season 4, you want to make sure you understand everything that’s going on and every threat the crew faces. It’s time to catch up, and fast. So, is Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix?

After all, nothing makes breezing through an entire season worth of story arc than the popular streaming service. (Hello, beautiful autoplay.) You already know that the main show in the AMC franchise is in the content library — and you’re eagerly waiting for The Walking Dead season 8 on Netflix — but how about the spinoff?

And, for the record, you’re going to want to rewatch old seasons even if your memory of the past plots is pristine. Why? Well Maggie Grace, who brings like to boss lady Althea, revealed a source of some season 4 spoilers when she spoke to CinemaBlend about the newest installment of the series.

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Although she didn’t directly give anything away, she gave fans a formula for figuring out some potential plot points of the new season — if they go back and refer to old ones. “I guess I can’t get into some of the stuff that happens in this season, but they’re doing stuff with walkers that they haven’t done before,” she teased. “You know, the walkers have their own stories about where they’ve been. And they wear that on their sleeves, so to speak.”

While grosser walkers are a bonus for fans of the franchise, the opportunity to guess at what’s to come is golden. Has there been a walker with chemical fire burns? No? Well maybe that’s going to be a big point in Fear the Walking Dead season 4. Now you see why we’re saying you should be streaming the past seasons?

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So, is Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix?

Unfortunately you’re going to have to go elsewhere for your refresher. Is Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix? Not at the moment. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it will change soon and our ears to the ground for rumbles of that happening, but for now this is not your go-to for your Fear fest. Keep checking back with Metro because we’ll update this article if that ever changes.


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