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Is IKEA open on Labor Day?

is IKEA open on labor day
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Not everyone was raised on Swedish meatballs like I was. That means when you ask, is IKEA open on Labor Day, you’re probably not thinking about meatballs like I am, but rather wondering about the sales going on over the long weekend. I can only hope that your long weekend plans potentially include hitting some serious sales for home furnishings and decor, then fueling up for the rest of your shopping with a plate of the Swedish classic. So I did the digging for you to find out if this home (or dorm) heaven is open and, if so, whether you could save some cash by making a trip on the holiday.

Despite Target getting a reputation as the “$100 store,” as in you can’t leave without spending $100, IKEA has the same effect on shoppers. Thanks to their colorful collaborations and quirky decorations, it’s beyond easy to turn a couple $10 trinkets into at least a $100 bill.

Is IKEA open on Labor Day?

So, is IKEA open on Labor Day, and if so, is there anything interesting that can accidentally fall into your cart between the entrance and checkout? You and your home better get prepared because the maze-like store is indeed open on Labor Day. Though they don’t run a dedicated sale for this holiday, there are some ways to save serious dough.

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First of all, we hope you’re a member if this is your go-to home furnishings or decor store. IKEA has an entire section with member-only prices that are lower than normal. The deals rotate each month and you’ll have to present your IKEA FAMILY card at checkout to get these discounts, but you’ll save on everything from kitchen accessories to bedroom necessities. Plus, signing up is free. You can check their website for current deals to get excited for discounts coming your way.

If you want to know about even more chances to save money, consider signing up IKEA mobile alerts. You can sign up here, and that puts you on the list to hear about the latest sales and events going on at your nearest IKEA.


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