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Is it possible to have a relaxing vacation with kids?

Crying kid

Kiddie pools, on-site babysitting services, free kids meals…these are all examples of some of the great amenities that are offered to families vacationing with children. But, here’s the thing: Vacationing with little kids is often not much of a vacation!

When my three-year-old was 19 months old we went on vacation to Florida, thinking a two-hour flight wouldn’t be that taxing and he would love playing in the kiddie pool. Boy was I wrong. He got sick before we left and went on a food strike for the entire week we were there.

And just to make things even worse, it rained the entire time (although the bad weather was obviously not his fault) so we were all cooped up in the hotel. After that decidingly unrelaxing “vacation” I vowed never to go on vacation with the kids again until they were at least in the first grade – adults only vacations from here on out and day trips with the kiddies…that was our plan.

So here we are: Summer is upon us and my husband and I are in desperate need of a getaway and, like the wusses we are, we won’t leave the kids — so much of our grand plan of adult only vacations!

A change of scenery, sunshine and warm weather are all parents need to feel rejuvenated, so our strategy this summer is to rent a beach house. We can bring the foods the boys are accustomed to eating, we don’t need to worry about tantrums by the pool in front of a ton of other people, and we won’t be confined to a hotel room.

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