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Is it possible to have two penises? Science and Reddit say yes

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One man turned the Internet upside down when he posted a Reddit Ask Me Anythingthread on Jan. 2 about his two penises. The unidentified user wrote about his experience living with two penises due to a condition called diphallia.

Every Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread requires proof, and the diphallic man offered two photos of his fully functional penises as evidence of his condition. The photos are, obviously, very graphic and NSFW. The man posted a photo of his genitals with a Post-it as proof along with three more photos for those curious for a closer look.

Though there is no definitive proof that the man isn’t pranking Reddit, diphallia is a real condition. Case Reports in Urology described diphallia in a recent journal article. It says, “Diphallia or penile duplication, is an extremely rare congenital anomaly. It occurs once in every 5.5 million live births. The extent of penile duplication and the number of associated anomalies vary greatly, ranging from a double glans from a penis with no associated anomaly up to complete penile duplication associated with multiple anomalies.” The article states later that every case seems to be different. Some patients have two functional penises, while some have one functional penis and another “accessory penis.”

The Reddit user said he knew from a young age he was different. “I always knew I had an extra one,” he wrote. “My mom told me the other boys only had one, so I was special.” He admitted that he was picked on as a teenager for his unusual anatomy, and that at some points he was suicidal. He said he has since become comfortable in his own skin and is in a happy relationship with a man and a woman.

The man said he decided that he wanted to be more open with his condition in 2014. “After a Tumblr user featured me on their blog I was directed here,” he wrote. “Reddit gave me my voice and it surprised me how many people wanted to hear me.” He admitted that once he felt confident with himself, he “got out of control for a while,” engaging in orgies and considering a career in porn before settling into a relationship. He also has a Tumblr and tried to open a Twitter account, which has since been shut down.

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