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Is James from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ the most punchable person on TV?

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If you love the reality shows on Bravo that aren’t about chefs chasing their dreams, chances are you have an opinion on James Kennedy from “Vanderpump Rules”.


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The aspiring DJ and the British personification of a spoiled toddler, James Kennedy has made no effort to stay friends with any of the other cast members since his introduction as a busboy at SUR. For most of the time, the show seems to draw him into the plot as a way to stir sh-t up in worst possible ways when things seem to be going too smoothly.

In fact, the only friend that James Kennedy really had left on “Vanderpump Rules” was SUR hostess and loud n’ proud sugar baby, Lala Kent. Both James and Lala remained friends and musical collaborators after hooking up briefly a couple of seasons back. But all of that seemed to screech to a halt during last week’s episode.

James and Lala got into a heated argument after James got a little too drunk and handsy with her during an overnight trip to Scheana’s new boyfriend’s cabin in Big Bear with a few of the other castmates. The biggest problem was that James’ girlfriend Raquel was sitting next to them as it kept happening over and over again. It made for one of the most retch-inducing secondhand embarrassment on television since the show “Dads” aired on FOX. 

Lala had a late night shout fest in the house’s kitchen with an extremely hammered James after Raquel shared her thoughts on the matter. In their fight, Lala laid down boundaries and also brought up some old concerns she had about James talking smack about her secret married boyfriend who helps pay for her lavish clothes, range rover and gives her rides in his private jet.

On cue, “Vanderpump Rules’” James Kennedy acted like a real adult. He made a loud scene and dismissed all of his girlfriend’s feelings as silly to preserve his own ego. After he told Lala he no longer wanted to be friends with her, he eventually broke down and said that he was in love with her and only makes fun of her boyfriend because he is “fat” and not good for her. Keep in mind, Raquel was probably trying to sleep in another room.

In a confessional, James went on to say that the only reason Lala was with her new “man” and not him was that he is not as rich as he is. This begs the question …

Is James Kennedy the most punchable person on television?


As he proved in last week’s episode he is certainly making quite the case for himself and we didn’t even get into his transgressions from earlier seasons!


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