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Is Jon Snow immortal on ‘Game Of Thrones’?

Young Ned Stark

Jon Snow is one tough cookie. He has not only literally died on ‘Game Of Thrones,’ only to be resurrected by Melisandre, but also stood as the first line of defense in many major battles. Yet, somehow, he was still alive and having sex with his aunt in the last episode of the show. Now there’s a Game of Thrones theory that can explain his suspiciously good luck.

A new fan theory has now suggested that the real reason Jon Snow is still living and breathing on ‘Game Of Thrones’ is because he is actually immortal. Rather than this having anything to do with the work of the Red priestess, the definitive evidence of Jon Snow’s perpetual endurance actually came in the penultimate episode of season 7, Beyond The Wall.

The scene in question saw Jon Snow being pulled into a freezing lake by the army of wights, where it looked to all that the King Of The North had finally succumbed. Jon Snow somehow came back to the surface, though, but when he did the rest of the undead were suddenly nowhere to be seen. This is especially surprising when you consider that Daenerys said in the finale that the wight army was 100,000 strong. This would suggest that Jon Snow had actually been underwater for a lot longer than the editing suggested, because usually it takes an army of this size at least 30 minutes to disperse. Jon Snow wouldn’t be able to hold his breath in a genial, warm bath for that long, let alone a freezing lake.

There’s more, too. Because Jon Snow healed a little too easily. After fending off the straggling members of the dead, a battle from which he was rescued by his Uncle Benjen Stark, he’s nursed back to health in the same way that a mother cares for a child with the sniffles. Not to mention somehow making it all the way back through the Northern tundra to The Wall after his terrifying and freezing dip in the lake.

Because of the all-out spectacle of Beyond The Wall, Jon Snow’s unrealistic perseverance was barely mentioned in its aftermath. After second thought, fans are now suggesting that this is proof that Melisandre’s magic not only brought him back from the dead but also imbued him with immortality. Beric Dondarrion has been brought back to life on six occasions already, so ‘Game Of Thrones’ clearly isn’t afraid to have its characters laugh in the face of immortality.

We’ll finally learn whether or not there is actually any credence to this theory once ‘Game Of Thrones’ returns for its eighth season in either late 2018 or early 2019.