Is Jumanji on Netflix?

is jumanji on netflix the rock

In case you hadn’t heard, a little movie called Jumanji launched late last year starring several heavyweights from Hollywood: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart. Oh yeah, and then they threw in Nick Jonas for good measure. Whether you’re itching to rewatch this latest iteration of the saga of a board game gone wrong or enjoy catching up with the original, you might be wondering: is Jumanji on Netflix?

Before you even do a preliminary search on the streaming service, you might want to purge the apartment of all board games.

But your interest is well placed. Audiences loved the new take on the classic adventure, according to Rotten Tomatoes, giving it a lofty 88% approval. (Though it’s worth noting that the critic rating was only 76% positive.) Even if you have nostalgic memories of the 1995 original starring Robin Williams, the Rotten Tomatoes community doesn’t quite agree with you. Only 62% of people on the platform gave the 90’s classic a positive rating.

You don’t care, though. You’ve always been a fan and really you just want to know is Jumanji on Netflix, and how about the new one, is Jumanji 2 on Netflix, too? We break it down.

So, is Jumanji on Netflix? Is Jumanji 2 on Netflix?

We’re sorry to disappoint all of you, but neither the original Jumanji nor Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is currently available through the streaming service. The closest you’re going to get through Netflix is another remake of an old movie franchise starring Jack Black: King Kong.

is jumanji on netflix robin williams

But don’t lose heart, fans of this movie franchise. Netflix is constantly rotating their content library, which means Jumanji or the newer version with The Rock might appear in your suggested feed before you know it. Keep the faith, keep checking back and whatever you do, finish that board game you already started, will ya?


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