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Is Kanye West trolling us? Why Yeezy 2 is more than meets the eye

Kanye West dropped his new Yeezy collection — and single! — at Fashion Week Wednesday in a last-minute presentation that had editors scrambling to rearrange their schedules and a lot of other designers very grumpy. Here’s what went down.

Kanye made Kendall sit second row

Oh no he didn’t: The rapper sat sis-in-law andhigh-fashion model Kendall Jennerbehind the rest of the fam. Apparently she didn’t rank as highly as the other celebrities there, including2 Chainz, Courtney Love, Lorde, Seth Meyers(?!) and Common, among others.

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Kim and North wore matching mommy-and-me leggings

And then North sat on the floor, next to Anna Wintour, who must have been thrilled.

The collection looked … very familiar

Drab hoodies with holes, flesh-colored leotards, oversized parkas … hey, hadn’t we seen this before? Indeed, when images of the new collection began surfacing on Instagram, we thought they were #TBTs of Yeezy’s first show from February. They were not. Though there were some updates: one model smoked a cigarette on the runway!

But that made it … kind of genius?

Hey, lots of designers recycle the same looks over and over — many more of them copy others’ ideas. West is just more blatant, flagrant and grandiose about it. His first collection clearly borrowed from the likes ofRick Owens and Shayne Oliver at Hood by Air. And it was also filled with sad-looking athleticwear. Yet, West has made his Yeezy brand into such a spectacle that we drop whatever we’re doing in order to witness it, talk about it, maybe even buy it — well, at least the shoes.

So is he trolling us? Making a statement? Delusional? Whatever it is, the fact that West can sell the idea of hole-ridden sweatshirts and fleshy body-stockings — twice! — means he’s got to be working some kind of magic. Dude knows what he’s doing.

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