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Is Kate Middleton making other new moms look bad?

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If you’re a new mom — or soon to be one — it’s understandable if the post-birth behavior of a certain Duchess of Cambridge has you feeling like a bit of an underachiever. Not only did she squeeze out newborn Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana after two and a half hours in the hospital Saturday morning — with no epidural or nothing — but she was then standing up — standing up! — on the steps of the hospital, baby in her arms, waving to well-wishers nine hours later, and looking pretty darn fantastic doing it. That’s asking a lot of a woman mere hours after giving birth.

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Of course, most women don’t have a crack team whipping their hair, skin, nails and wardrobe into camera-ready shape just after the baby arrives. Basically, if Middleton is supposed to serve as a role model for other women, maybe someone should sit her down and have a talk about unrealistic expectations, yeah?

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