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Is Matt Dunford Britain’s vainest man? He says so

matt dunford world's vainest man Matt Dunford admits he is quite vain.
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Matt Dunford, the self-professed “vainest man in Britain,” (but not the Human Ken Doll) is the male equivalent of a men’s magazine’s busty beauty. He’s the glossy gym bunny with pearly white teeth, polished pecs and hair as sharp as cartoon character Johnny Bravo’s (he pulls some of the same poses too).

The 29-year-old fitness model and Dreamboys stripper’s annual grooming regimen, which has set him back a staggering $16,718 a year since he was 19, reads like a spa treatment menu: eyebrow shaping, spray tans, manicures, pedicures, waxing and lash tinting are all a must for this muscle man. With looks that have been compared to actor Chris Hemsworth, you’d expect him to be a hit with the ladies. Here, the hunk of handsomeness tells Metro about his love life.

It may come as a surprise to many but you’re still a bachelor, so what’s the best thing about being single?

I do really enjoy the company of women and London is perfect for the single man. I love chatting and flirting – it’s something I’m good at without trying — with women. For now I’m loving the single life because I can chat to relentless amounts of women and respond to all the female attention I get with a completely guilt-free feeling.

Are you a good boyfriend or do you tend to stray?

I can honestly say that I’ve never cheated.

So what makes you a good boyfriend?

Firstly I’m very good eye-candy: I’m handsome and I have an amazing body which is always improving as I am becoming much more meticulous in looking after myself. I’ll definitely age gracefully into a very attractive silver fox of a gentlemen. And lastly, I’m very romantic and enjoy wining and dining — and always making sure that my partner is happy.

Do you expect your partner to go to the same extreme lengths as you in pursuit of the body beautiful?

I don’t expect my partner to be as vain or committed to their appearance as I am. I do it because of work and to maintain my reputation.

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