Is Mike Pence about to be indicted in Mueller Trump Russia investigation? – Metro US

Is Mike Pence about to be indicted in Mueller Trump Russia investigation?

Mike Pence indicted Mueller Trump Russia investigation

The walls seem to be caving in around President Donald Trump following the news this week regarding Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Those were two big shoes to drop this pastweek, and there is a strong feeling in Washington that more will be on the way before the New Year. Jon Cooper, the Chairman of the Democratic Coalition, tweeted this week that Vice President Mike Pence could actually be under fire due to his ties to Manafort. 

“As the story swirls of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea and how it further implicates Donald Trump in the Trump Russia scandal, one GOP source tells me to ‘keep an eye on Mike Pence.’ What did the VP know and when did he know it?,” Cooper tweeted. “It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out.”

Manafort was largely responsible for Pence becoming the Vice Presidential nominee in 2016 as he “talked Trump out of his doubts,” according to Newsweek.

CBS reported that Manafort was so hell-bent on getting Pence the vice presidential role that he lied to Trump about mechanical problems on Trump’s plane so that Trump would stay an extra day in Indiana, Pence’s home state. The idea was that Trump would get to know Pence better and become convinced that he was the right person for the job.

Pence was in the news on Saturday for a different reason as he posted a tweet that showed him posing with a Florida police officer who was wearing a QAnon badge. QAnon is a pro-Trump conspiracy theory that claims Robert Mueller and Trump are actually working together in an effort to land high-profile democrats in jail, among other things. 

Pence’s account deleted the tweet a few hours after the posting as it was gaining considerable traction online.