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Is Silicon Valley on Netflix?

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Silicon Valley season 5 is right around the corner — are you all caught up? If not, you’re going to want to spend a couple nights and maybe the weekend catching up on all the hurdles the Pied Piper team has faced since you last watched because, trust us, there have been a lot. So where can you turn to catch up? Is Silicon Valley on Netflix?

We know the streaming service giant is probably your go-to, and for good reason. They not only keep a large library of TV shows and movies but also cycle their content every month, so even if they didn’t have the hit HBO series before, they might now.

And you really do need to catch up before the fifth installment. The show’s been reshaped in many ways leading into the newest season of the series, from losing a major cast member to Pied Piper’s business focus changing completely. And the funding problem, well, that’s an ongoing issue, and you’re going to want to understand the backstory for why they are where they are when the fifth season starts. (Plus, you don’t want to skip over any of the jabs Dinesh and Gilfoyle take at each other throughout the episodes.)

So, is Silicon Valley on Netflix?

While it may be the first place you turn when you’re looking to have a marathon TV session, Netflix does not currently offer streaming of Silicon Valley. That’s a bigger bummer than Richard’s first attempt at a new internet, we know. (If you haven’t yet watched season four, just know there’s a meltdown of sorts in store for you as you catch up on old episodes.)

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Luckily, it’s not your only option for catching up on the crew’s exploits (and the final episodes featuring T.J. Miller) before the new season launches. Check out our guide for all the ways you can watch Silicon Valley online and get streaming.

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