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Is Starbucks open on Christmas?

Is Starbucks open on Christmas?
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Christmas Day is rapidly approaching, and if we learned anything from Thanksgiving, it’s that we need to make sure that we have our caffeine fixes sorted out before we are launched head-first into the holiday cheer with our families. While many stores around the country will be offering shorter hours of service during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, many will be either shutting down for good or remaining open as if it was a normal day of the week. Many families, especially those with small children, start the unwrapping frenzy as early as the crack of dawn. This may call for a couple cups of coffee to perk up once the bottom of the Christmas tree is clear of this year’s bounty. But where can you turn if your house is out of the goods? Is Starbucks open on Christmas? 

Is Starbucks open on Christmas? 
Is Starbucks open on Christmas

Is Starbucks open on Christmas? Photo: Getty Images 

Is Starbucks open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve? This is an answer that could either mean a  1 p.m. crash after a long mind-numbing night of assembling that brand new BMX bike or playhouse. You finally got to bed in the wee hours of the morning, just as Santa’s sleigh had left your rooftop, to have your little ones thump their little feet towards your bedroom to pounce on you until you are forced downstairs to smile through the errors of your handy work. After all of the presents have been handed out, your day could pan out in a number of different ways. You could either pile the family into the car to go visit relatives, or you could be the family that your relatives are coming to see. Either way, you will need some caffeine in order to keep that smile plastered on your face. That’s why it will be necessary to find a Starbucks open on Christmas day. Think of it as reinforcements.   

While stores like Costco have made set open and closing times for all of their stores across the country, Starbucks tends to take a much different approach giving managers the power to set their own hours at each location for big holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. So, is Starbucks open on Christmas? The short and maybe frustrating answer is that it really all depends. To find out, Starbucks will be offering an up-to-date Store Tracker that you can search by neighborhood and zip code to find out if there will be a store open in your neighborhood.

So is Starbucks open on Christmas? Make sure that you do your due diligence ahead of time before you have a mid-day crash on the big day. 

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