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Is Starbucks open on July 4th so you can get your caffeine fix?

is starbucks open on july 4th
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Your mornings start with it, your work projects are fueled by it and your dinners end with it: yes, we’re talking about coffee. You’re the kind of person who asks for regular — please, heavens, no decaf — when winding down after dinner. You sleep like a baby despite the caffeine, but you also have a splitting headache when you go without. So where can you turn on your packed holiday to get your caffeine fix? Is Starbucks open on July 4th?

Starbucks has been working on getting us all hooked for years, and that’s not a bad thing. They cater to both the coffee purists with red eyes, flat whites and macchiatos as well as those who like the sweeter side of things, like Frappuccinos or sugar-free flavored lattes. As you’re probably seen (and tasted), they even have a weekly drink discount program. If you haven’t already, find out how to sign up for the drink specials with our guide to Starbucks Happy Hour, which caters to both types of coffee lovers with different deals each week.

After getting you through early morning meetings, long days of traveling and that merciless 3pm slump, you’re sold. But you also know your Independence Day is packed, and you’re going to need energy in the form of caffeine. So, is Starbucks open on July 4th?

Is Starbucks open on July 4th?

Whether you need the energy because you’re in charge of the grill or, let’s face it, staying up until the end of the fireworks display is getting harder every year, is Starbucks open on July 4th for you to turn to? (We won’t even go into the emotional energy needed to deal with family if they’re in town for the summer holiday.)

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There’s a reason this coffee shop is your standby. Yes, Starbucks will be open on July 4th. Most of the stores should be operating on normal business hours, but you might want to call ahead to your nearest location to make sure it’s their specific schedule as well. Some locations are corporate run and some are franchises; if it’s clear which are which in your area, the safer bet is to head to the shop run by the company for longer business hours.


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