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Is Surviving R Kelly on Netflix? How to stream the Lifetime docu-series

Recently, R Kelly came out of obscurity after a documentary series aired about the women who were victims of his abuse. R Kelly was always wrought with allegations from the start of his career. On Aug. 31, 1994, he married a 15 year old girl with no consent from the girl or her parents. Stories of his abuse continued to spread, from child pornography to entrapping underage girls in an abusive cult. In 2008, although authorities charged Kelly with 21 counts of child pornography, Kelly became acquitted of all charges. But it seems his time is up with the arrival of Surviving R Kelly, a series made by Lifetime. Everyone needs to watch this series but where can we watch? Is Surviving R Kelly on Netflix

What is Surviving R Kelly about?

The documentary series tells the story of R Kelly’s victims, as well as commentary from his critics. The series is six episodes, each an hour long, with a complete view of all allegations of the singer. The victims include young girls, family and friends, who all describe his control and abuse.

The weight of the #MeToo movement rides on the cotails of this story, sending a powerful message. Survivng R Kelly tells us this: we know, we need to stop this, we cannot let this happen.

The six parts of the series aired over the course of three days from Jan. 3 to Jan. 5, 2019. The people involved include, dream hampton who is the executive producer, John Legend, Tarana Burke, who is the founder of the #MeToo Movement and Andrea Kelly, who is R Kelly’s ex-wife. But now to answer the pressing question: Is Surviving R Kelly on Netflix?

Surviving R Kelly on Netflix

Is Surviving R Kelly on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the only place to stream Surviving R Kelly is on the Lifetime website and app. To watch you need a cable or streaming TV subscription such as Xfinity, Hulu, DirecTV and more. You can also buy the series for two dollars on YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play. With the money you spend to buy your coffee in the morning, you can buy this incredible series about survivors.

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